Andrew Phillips

“I stand in support of Wasatch Peaks Ranch. The amount of good that our community stands to benefit from the project is overwhelming. Nobody can stop change; it is the lowest-impact development we could ever hope for. Additionally, it will create hundreds of direct and indirect jobs, provide our schools with much-needed funding, and provide a huge influx of tax dollars to the county for road projects and other things. Wasatch Peaks Ranch is good for Morgan County, and I hope for our families’ future; this moves forward soon.”

Dan Anctil

“WPR was granted the right to do with their property what they want. They have contracted with me to help build a low-impact ski resort, which adds to the county’s tax base without weighing on county resources. The jobs this project could provide to Morgan residents have now been jeopardized.”

Ronnie Whitear

“Nobody is impacted as much by Wasatch Peaks Ranch as I am, and since they go right through my farm but I support them and their property rights whole-heartedly. I have personally worked with them and really respect how they treat their neighbors. They will be a great addition to the Morgan community and have already blessed our valley so much with their donations to the fair kids, scholarships for the youth, local non-profits, and local businesses, not to mention all the jobs they are providing. My family has been farming this ground since the late 1800s, and we’ve seen all kinds of people who wanted to build up there. I know there are some who haven’t taken the time yet to learn about Wasatch Peaks, but I’m confident once you get the facts, you will see what I do – that Wasatch Peaks Ranch is the absolute best thing that could happen on that hillside. I hope all residents of Morgan County will give Wasatch Peaks Ranch a chance and get to know them the way I have. If you do, I think you will welcome them with open arms.”

Mike Morgan

“Wasatch Peaks Ranch will be a privately owned ski resort, which means Morgan will NOT turn into Pack City. If it were public, we would have had a whole new Snowbird or one of those other giant public ski parks right in our backyard that would have brought unbelievable traffic and filled the mountainside with buildings. I like that Wasatch Peaks appreciates our beautiful mountain community and wants to preserve it with a very low-impact development. WPR is a win-win for our community – it has the lowest impact with the highest tax benefit to Morgan County. This huge increase in the tax base will help fix potholes in our roads, increase school funding dramatically, and even help reduce the pressure on the budget that would have otherwise made our property taxes go up. Our kids and grandkids will benefit the most with the jobs that will come, increased school funding, and private donations to local community groups.”

Brandon Whimpey

“Growing up in this valley and now raising my kids in Morgan, this is a special place. For those who are here and have been here much longer than I have, seeing growth and change can be tough. But Wasatch Peaks is a change that only has an upside, from the tens of millions in tax revenue, much of that going to the schools, to an employment standpoint, its only upside is from private land that all of us county citizens only claim to be looking at it. I live in Peterson now, just below the development, and I would much rather have WPR than 5,000 condos and townhomes easy could have been. I support WPR.”

Traca Wardell

“WPR has been a great supporter of the schools, chamber of commerce, junior livestock and the community in general so I have had the opportunity to work with Ed Schultz in numerous capacities. One thing that always impressed me is he is always so kind to me and everyone else I have seen him interact with. But, regardless of how the is to me and other adults I have seen him associate with, I believe the true character of a man show up when no one is looking. The best example of that is how he has treated my kids. My younger two kids have spent time at WPR the last couple of years gathering cows and they both have always said how kind Ed was to them. My kids were not old enough to vote or to sign any petitions so he gained nothing by being good to them. Yet, every single time he saw my kids, no matter where they were at, he made a point to talk and joke with them, even when no one was watching. This has made a great impression on my kids. That says more to me about character than anything else he does.”