The Morgan County Community Supports Wasatch Peaks Ranch
Wasatch Peaks Ranch Helps Our Schools

1 | Within five years, Wasatch Peaks Ranch could contribute $11 million annually to the Morgan School District.

2 | For perspective, the district’s current annual budget is $37.6 million. That’s a potential increase of nearly 30%.

3 | Because these are primarily second homes, they could be adding to the tax base without adding to our already crowded classrooms.


Wasatch Peaks Ranch Creates Jobs

1 | WPR currently is one of the largest employers in the county employing over 200 people including 43 people who live in Morgan County. They would continue to hire more people as they grow.

2 | WPR has and would create hundreds of indirect jobs for construction, contractors, subcontractors, and service providers.

3 | These are quality jobs in our community, providing opportunities for our kids and families without a lengthy commute.


Wasatch Peaks Ranch Pays for Its Own Infrastructure

1 | WPR would be one of the largest taxpayers in the county while requiring almost no county services. They also plan to preserve over 9000 acres of open space.

2 | All roads and infrastructure would be privately owned and maintained by WPR.

3 | Within 5 years, they could contribute over $3.5 million annually to the county in taxes without being a burden on already stretched county resources.